ducators, welcome to The Human Body Exhibition where you can study real, human bodies that have been dissected and preserved to showcase each system of the body in amazing detail. 

Imagine your class lectures, textbooks, and lab assignments coming to life right before your student’s eyes. 

At The Human Body Exhibition, you and your students will be:

AWED by the beauty and science of the human body.
ENLIGHTENED by how the body can be both simple and complex at the same time.
EDUCATED with a newfound respect for the human body and a renewed commitment to taking better care of it.

t The Human Body Exhibition, you will experience nine galleries, each focusing on a specific system of the body.  There is also a gallery highlighting the chronological development of embryos to fetuses.  In all, you will view 200 full body and individual specimens as you guide your students on an unforgettable walking journey of their own bodies. 

Teachable moments abound inside the galleries of The Human Body Exhibition.  Lower Secondary Students and Upper Secondary Students will see their science, anatomy, health, and biology classroom lessons with new eyes as they study the body from the inside out.  Post Secondary Students and Adults in fields from health and wellness to acupuncture and art will all find this Exhibition relevant to their studies. The juxtaposition of healthy organs and diseased organs dramatically and memorably highlights the effects that our lifestyle choices have on our bodies. 

Your students will be engaged, inspired and eager to learn more.  A class visit to The Human Body Exhibition will spark lively debate and quiet reflection.   Thank you for sharing this remarkable learning opportunity with your students.  We look forward to seeing you at The Human Body Exhibition.